The Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm is a boutique operation that is managed solely by Thane and Peggy Bryenton.  In order for them to spend as much time as possible cultivating their crop and interacting with those who enjoy it as much as they do, they rely on the hands and hearts of volunteers, friends, relatives, and local artisans to help keep their business "blooming."  

We are delighted to share some of our favorite referrals with you and hope you that you will benefit from- and enjoy their services, as well! 

Genevieve Ruth Gunderson

Genevieve (the daughter of Thane and Peggy) assists with EVLF's marketing strategy, web design, inventory creation, and morale-building.  She is a vital element to the health and well-being of her parents.. as are her two daughters!

Peggy Bryenton

Peggy (AKA Mama B) is a proficient lavender-crafts artisan, businesswoman, consultant, horticulturalist, fine-arts designer, philanthropist, phenomenal mother/grandmother, and magical-gypsy-hippie-healer (and, yes, her daughter is also writing this).

Matt Bryenton

Matt (the son of Thane and Peggy) and his wife, Michelle, manage the collective physical and mental health of the entire Bryenton family.   Dr. Matt meets a critical need and fills the gaps (and cracks and pops) with his intuitive and exceptional mastery of manipulating the human body into complete states of zen.

Nate Gunderson

  • Partner, Designer, Getty Images​

Nate (Thane and Peggy's son-in-law) designed the Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm logo and works closely with Genevieve (his wife) on EVLF's overall strategic marketing, branding, and product development plans.  He also plays guitar and sings splendidly, and you might catch him in action, performing at a local lavender farm near you. 

Thane Bryenton

Thane is a proficient lavender-wand-maker, businessman, consultant, landscape architect, salesman, builder, socially-fearless leader, front man, and inspirational father (yes, his daughter is writing this).

Our Extended Team

The Flower + Vine (floral design)

Genevieve Ruth, Chief Zen Master

Seasonal designer for lavender boutonnieres, arrangements and centerpieces!

Live. Laugh. Love. Lavender.

Lavender Love!