Live. Laugh. Love. Lavender.

We invite you to bring your camera! Bring your friends!  Bring your clients!

HOWEVER, to preserve the natural beauty and experience for our other visitors, we do not allow photography gear (lighting, reflectors, diffusers, off-camera flash, etc) to be used during operating hours.

Private sessions are available after 6pm, Mon-Wed, at  $25/hour Field Rental rate. *Please note: we are currently booked through the 2018 Season.

Please visit the Contact page for dates or submit a request to check availability.



Lavender Love!

Beautiful fields of purple, a white gazebo, a red barn, sunflowers towering next to a charming Gift Shoppe, a Fairy Garden, rustic implements, whimsical backdrops, flowers spilling out of pots, the entire property dotted with color, and the sunsets.. *gasp* 

...a photographer's dream!