a brief history

Peggy and Thane Bryenton (above) are the proud owners of the Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm in Olympia, WA - a boutique operation specializing in lavender products, including: fresh (seasonal) and dried flowers and buds, essential oils and hydrosols, bath and body products, arts and crafts. The farm (aka EVLF) also doubles as a popular, local getaway to simply read a book or take in the fresh air from one of the many seating areas peppered throughout the lavender fields.  

"We started the EVLF after a brief visit to the lavender farms in Sequim, WA in 2008. My wife is the gardener of the family and she will tell you that I am like “Ferdinand the Bull” when it comes to flowers and scents. We enjoy most of them but lavender has become our all-time favorite. We hope to share our passion for this very graceful and generous plant with you!" -- Thane Bryenton, Owner

We are often asked about the different types of lavender we grow. 

In the genus of Lavender is Lavandula and there are more than 30 species, dozens of subspecies, and hundreds of hybrids and selected cultivars. You may also come across English, French and Spanish lavenders, which only add to the confusion, as these mostly refer to the region where the plants are grown (and are not botanical reference points).

At EVLF, we organically grow 13 varieties of English lavender, as they are more aromatic: Fat Spike Grosso, Impress Purple, Gros Blue, Hidcote Giant and Phenomenal. Our L. Angustifolias include: Purple Bouquet, Betty’s Blue, Tuckers Early, Sachet and Folgate. For culinary uses we feature Royal Velvet, Buena Vista and Melissa (white). We grow our lavenders organically and ecologically.

When you arrive at the farm, you will see that we specialize in:

  • Lavender bundles
  • Culinary lavender
  • Essential oils and hydrosols (aka linen water)
  • Aromatherapy and lavender gifts
  • We also offer many other types of gifts for all ages and genders.

Our Varieties

Below, are details of some of our varieties, highlighted from the book by Sarah Berringer Bader: ​"The Lavender Lover's Handbook"

Betty's Blue

Great choice for crafts due to deep coloring and tight flower heads

Fat Spike Grosso

Used for long wands and sachets, due to high oil content and long-lasting scent


Known to be particularly hardy in colder climates


Often used in culinary and savory dishes, known for its peppery hint

Purple Bouquet

Long, dark stems make it a good choice for bouquets or crafts

Buena Vista and Hidcote

Deep colors and high oil-content, lovely for soaps, sachets and dried floral

Royal Velvet

One of the best varieties known for its use in both fresh bouquets and culinary uses

Tucker's Early

Great container variety because of its compact size and frequency of blooms

We love our quiet and beautiful four-acre farm, neighbors, and the picturesque Evergreen Valley. Our property is secluded from traffic noise and congestion and is surrounded by large farms and a quiet creek. As such, we make every attempt to keep our footprint small and to have a positive impact on our local community. This is why we cultivate our farm ecologically and organically.

So, come!  Bring the family and share this tiny corner of the earth that we care for with such love and joy. It is truly a relaxing, friendly, and beautiful place that leaves lasting memories.