The Gift Shoppe

The Gift Shoppe at The Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm overflows with fun, eclectic gifts and delights.  The inventory is ever-changing, based on the season and the artists' feature pieces (in addition to our perennial favorites that are always in-stock).  Come by to see what's in store!  

Fresh-cut lavender bundles (summer)Dried bundles (year-round)Lavender essential oil and hydrosolSoaps, lotions, balms and spritzersJewelry and accessories*Books, bookmarks and cardsLavender-filled neckwraps Lavender-filled eye pillowsHandmade sachets Crafts of all sortsCulinary lavender buds Potted live plants (in season)Lavender-cutting toolsLavender infused honey*
*Dependent upon availability

Lavender Products

DRIED CULINARY LAVENDER BUDS:  Triple-screen cleaned. Premium-quality, Royal Velvet Lavender buds. Mild, balanced flavor for use in food and beverages.  

ESSENTIAL OIL - LAVENDULA X-INTERMEDIA: Small-batch, steam-distilled, 100% pure essential oils made on-site from Grosso, Phenomenal and Hidcote lavender plants. Rich, complex scent - great in bath/body products and more.                5ml ,  10ml ,  15ml (limited quantity) sizes

ESSENTIAL OIL - LAVENDULA ANGUSTAFOLIA: Small-batch, steam-distilled, 100% pure essential oils made on-site from our  True English lavender plants, Melissa and Buena Vista.  Mild, lighter scent - perfect for massage, skin irritations and more5ml  and  10ml sizes

LAVENDER HYDROSOL (LINEN WATER): 8oz.  100% pure lavender water produced during the distillation process.  Lightly-scented, nontoxic.  Use as glass/counter cleaner, sleep aid, facial toner, freshener, pest repellent and more.  

SACHETS: Various sizes, colors and fabrics (organza, muslin, painted, hand crafted, some with charms, etc...) as available.  Handmade and filled with 100% pure lavender.  Place in purse, car, drawers, shoes, or under your pillow for sweet dreams.   

LAVENDER EYE PILLOWS: Various fabrics (please email us for current choices).  Handmade and filled with lavender and flax seed.  Place over eyes for a dark, aromatic snooze, or keep in freezer for a cooling effect.  

LAVENDER NECK WRAPS: Various fabrics (please email us for current choices).  Handmade and filled with lavender and rice.  For sore neck and shoulder muscles, warm for 60-90 seconds in microwave (times may vary - test first to avoid burns), and enjoy the steamy, aromatic relief.   Also, great for travel as a calming, head-and-neck rest!  

KEWL BREEZE SPRITZERS: 4oz.  A refreshing, cooling spray made with EVLF lavender hydrosol, witch hazel, and lavender essential oil, as well as lemongrass, cedarwood, peppermint, ylang ylang, patchouli and eucalyptus essentials oils.  

FRESH OR DRIED LAVENDER BUNDLES: Fresh: in-season only.  Dried bundles, however, are available year-round!  Display as an arrangement, use in crafts, cooking, beverages, or give as a gift.  So many wonderful uses! 

GOAT'S MILK LAVENDER SOAP: These creamy, heavenly-scented bars are hand-made right here on the farm.  Tucked into a sachet bag, these delights are perfect for sensitive skin.  

LAVENDER SHEA LOTIONS: These creamy, softly-scented lotions are hand-made right here on the farm.  Several sizes and formulations available.  Perfect for dry, sensitive skin that needs a little love and lavender.    2.0 oz 

LAVENDER BATH & BODY PRODUCTS: Stop in to see which lovely delights are featured this month - lavender body wash, foaming hand soap,  bath salts,  calming balm, and more are in constant rotation.  Indulge yourself!  (subject to availability) 

CUDDLE BEARS with LAVENDER: Adorable, soft and cuddly, these lavender bears are stuffed with soft fill and a full cup of fragrant Grosso lavender buds.  Great for snuggling anytime. 

For the Kids

"MONSTER SPRAY": 8oz.  100% pure lavender hydrosol.  Spray under the bed or in the closet to ward off would-be creepies!  Mist the air to create a light scent to soothe nighttime worries away.  

CUDDLE BEARS: Soft, fleecy, stuffed lavender bears with our Grosso lavender buds inside.  Give it a quick squeeze before tucking in to release its heady scent that lasts all night.  

LAVENDER ACCESORIES: Small crafts, fairy wings, hats, and handmade items  as available, infused with love ..and in every hue of purple imaginable! 

Artisanal Products

METAL ART: The owner also creates exceptional (heavy) works of art! Please stop by his display, by the Gift Shoppe, to browse some of his creations. Commissioned pieces available, upon request. ThanesWorld of Interesting Things

HANDMADE STATIONARY: Postcards, bookmarks, photo cards and more!  Bright, colorful printed items,  thoughtful black and white farm photo cards,   whimsical, colorful photo cards taken right here on the farm.  Tuck lavender buds into envelope for a confetti surprise! 

JEWELRY + CRAFTS: Stop in to see which lovely pieces are featured this month - bracelets, hostess gifts, wine accessories, home decor and more - all made lovingly by local artisans.  Pricing varies  (subject to availability) 

Classes and Events

DISTILLERY WORKSHOPS: Participate in the first-hand (and first-sniff) look at the process behind essential oil extraction.  We demonstrate how the oils and “linen water” are separated out from the organic matter, so that they may then move on to the next stage in the manufacturing process (creams, lotions, perfume, soaps, candles, etc).  We use every part of the plant so that nothing goes to waste.  When not using cuttings for extraction, we use the fresh flowers for bouquets, crafts and cooking; dried flowers/buds for crafts, eye pillows, neckwraps, sachets (to use in closets, cars, bathrooms, shoes, gym bags, etc); dried stalks for kindling; and everything left is composted into mulch for the organic gardens.  Dates to be determined.

PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION(S): Waiver and Release Forms required. Subject to availability outside of Public operation hours. Reservations start at $50/hour and strictly-adhere to schedule. No refunds for cancellations. Please call/email in May to reserve spots for July.   Photo shoots are  prohibited during hours open to the public.  

FLORISTRY: On-site, premade arrangements are available, on occasion (see Facebook page for dates). To order custom lavender floral, please email our daughter, Genevieve at 

WEDDINGS AND EVENTS: At this time, we are not hosting private events, but are happy to offer lavender for them.